How to Choose the Perfect Dress For That Special Occassion

It can be stressful when a woman is attempting to find the perfect dress for that special occassion. Every woman wants to look her best, whether it be for a first date, a special dinner, or a wedding. With so many choices, women often feel overwhelmed in the process and end up settling for a dress they are not completely in love with, simply because they give up finding the perfect one. With these tips, women will have an easier time finding the dress of their dreams.

Before a woman begins her search, she needs to know what type of special occasion she is purchasing for. If the event is semi-formal, there are many types of dresses that will be ideal because the dress does not have to be as formal as for some events, such as a gala event. While a woman wants to make sure she is the main attraction, it is also important she chooses a dress that will reveal her personality, along with increasing her confidence.

When a woman is choosing the perfect dress, she needs to consider her body shape:

  • A woman with a pear shape (full hips and rear) should choose an A-line dress that falls close to the knees or lower. Shorter dresses will only draw attention to the hips, thighs, and rear and may make a woman look larger than she actually is.
  • Women with thicker waists will find dropped waist or empire waisted dresses to draw attention from the middle and elongate their torso for a smaller waist appearance. Puffy cap sleeves are the ideal way to draw attention upward and away from the middle.
  • Those with smaller chests will find plunging necklines to only draw attention to the area they would like to conceal. Instead, a woman should choose a scooped neckline and further draw attention away from her chest by wearing layered necklaces.

These tips will help women of all shapes and sizes find the right dress for any occasion. Taking time in the process is important so a woman can be sure she is making the best choice and one she will feel confident wearing.