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What are Milestone Tokens?

Any addictive desire that you want to stop is a really important desire. But quitting any type of addiction is really hard since your body has become dependent of that type of substance. For instance that you are so used to getting drunk since it is the only way your body can rest because you cannot sleep sober. But some rehabilitation centers figured out a way to reward these people who can stop and become sober for a certain time. And that is where these milestone tokens come from, they are the reward that these addicts get after being sober for quite some time.

The token will serve as a milestone for the person in which describes his journey of sobriety. You will get your very first milestone token after your first day of being sober from your addiction. The milestone token that you get on your very first day of being sober will be the one that will give you the most impact, emotionally and physically. That will symbolize your very first step in the making of your new life.

The AA coin has such importance, the details will be explained by a member of the rehab group right after you get your first one. The milestone token will be the symbol of hope for the person that is suffering from the addiction. It will also symbolize the commitment who wishes to stop his or her addiction and walk down the right path of sobriety. So if you receive the coin, it will mean that you are determined to do everything that you can to stop the addiction with the help of the rehab center.
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The coin will not have anything to do with the commitment of the person other than giving him or her encouragement that he or she can do it and that the coin will symbolize as the reward for being able to start a new sober life. The token will serve as encouragement to keep on being sober, one look at the token and the person will no longer crave for alcoholic substance and this is a very important reminder.
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The thing is, it is never easy to stop an addiction, a lot of people are still struggling to stop and what they need is a bit of encouragement. Encouragement will act as hope that there is still a way to stop this addiction. There is still a chance that you can start a new life without being addicted to alcohol or any other useless substance. This is really important that you notice the importance of encouragement, the milestone token is an example of this encouragement and if ever you have the chance to encourage someone suffering from the same problem, go for it, it will be a huge help.