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Important Information About Post-Abortion Care
Several women around the world have gone through an abortion, whether spontaneous or induced.Unsafe abortions usually pose a great risk to women.Those who have experienced the emotional and physical pain of an abortion may require time and support for them to recover.Normalcy can be attained once again if the woman receives the right kind of care and support.Many facilities today are offering post-abortion care services to women. Careful consideration should be made about the services offered before making a choice.Post-abortion care facilities will need to have the following essential components.
Treatment Services
Physical pain experienced after abortion is usually addressed by administration of drugs.Pain is normally common in botched abortions that are conducted by unqualified medical practitioners.Good post-abortion care must, therefore, provide access to good treatment services.
Provision of Counseling Services
Abortion may also have an emotional and psychological impact on the patient.You may be anxious, worried or even depressed as you think about what took place.You may also need to make drastic adjustments to your lifestyles if the aborted pregnancy was at an advanced stage.It will be important, therefore, to ensure that the right counseling services are provided in an endeavor to help the woman reconstruct her life once again.A woman will become confident enough to face life if she is offered proper counseling services.Proper choices regarding important things such as contraceptives will thus be arrived at as a result of this.
Family Planning Services
Information on contraceptives is also key at this point because it will help the woman to plan her family by spacing birth to the desired periods.Those who desire never to give birth again as a result of an abortion may also need the right kind of information concerning which contraceptives to use in this regard.It is important therefore that any facility providing post-abortion care include this service in their programs.
Reproductive Health Services
Information and advice concerning sexually transmitted diseases, their prevention and treatment, infertility, nutrition and hygiene will be important in enabling women to improve the quality of their lives.
Community Based Services
You cannot exist by yourself apart from society.It may need a community-centered approach to get some of this elements to work well.
Health education that is community-based has been found to be effective in mobilizing members to combat unsafe abortions.A facility that uses such approach will therefore be better placed in providing post abortion care to its clients and speeding them along to a quick recovery.
The elements addressed above are important in determining whether a facility has the capacity to provide post abortion care.You would do well to consider them before selecting one to get their services.

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