5 Reasons Why Women are Crazy about Kurtis

From Biba and Global Desi stores to the wardrobes for Bollywood music videos, kurtis are the trend,and they are here to stay in the fashion scene no matter what other new trends might pop up. Short, comfortable, graceful and sassy, kurtis add a distinct charm to a lady’s shape and demeanour. It is for such reasons that they are going all gaga over kurtis in the stores and e-commerce platforms where you can shop online.

5 Reasons Why Women are Crazy about Kurtis

Here are five reasons why women are head over heels for their kurtis:

Easy clothing

Kurtisis light and easy to wear. They give enough breathing space and can be worn comfortably for long hours. Whether you are shopping in the neighbourhood market or riding in a metro or are on a jeep safari in a desert or any situation possible, kurtis are a great specimen of light wear.


In fashion these days, grand and flashy is being ditched for the artsy. Even plain kurtis have an artistic touch to them. And definitely, if you shop online, you will find such a wide range of kurtis with artistic prints that are catchy and pleasing to the eye.

Also, it reflects your artistic preferences and also enhances your image as a creative individual. Most of these prints that you can shop onlineare an abstract, surreal and trippy nature which creates some of the best colour combinations for your clothes.

Mix and match

There are no fixed rules for donning any particular kurti. You can set new fashion trends experimenting with kurtis. Whether you wish to supplement your kurti with kameez or just a pair of everyday denim jeans, it is totally up to you.

Obviously, it is up to you,and you can be free to wear whatever you want,but the experiments with kurtis are usually graceful and less liable to make people judge your fashion sense. You can wear different kinds of jhumkas or earrings to add on to your appearance. And kurtis reflect such a marvellous combination of Indian and Western cultures that there are girls who even don a kurti in haste with sports shoes or canvas sneakers covering their feet, still making these kurtis look great! That’s the beauty of the brilliant Indian clothing wonder called the kurti.

The Indian connection

Critics of globalization and other activists, yell that the current Indian population in generaland, the young millennials in particular, is obsessed with Western culture and this also reflects their sense of fashion.

 Well, that is true and can be a double-sided argument but then if Western inspired stuff is cheaper, then obviously it becomes viable. After all, not everyone would wish to wear khakieveryday in today’s times. However, a kurti is something that doesn’t look too ethnic and yet adds a classic Hindustani vibe to a girl. The patterns, the colours and the flow of the dress projects quintessential Indian clothing.

Nowadays, even foreign tourists get inspired and wander around the nation in kurtis. This role reversal is not surprising provided how comfortable and light kurtis are!

Can be worn anywhere and everywhere

Another fantastic aspect of a kurti is that they are neither too casual nor too formal. So if you need to head out to a function or an occasion where you are confused on what to wear, then sliding into a kurti seems the safest and most viable option. As sometimes, a casual chic look might seem too immature,and a full ethnic look might feel too heavy, the kurti is a lifesaver.

So, that is it. Now you now women love their kurtis!