Amazing 31st of December with Pastor Chris

For anyone who doesn’t know Dr. Chris Oyakhilome is a pastor, revenant and the leader of a group of people who know how to have good time and worship God. In case you happen to miss it, this is evident and clear from the New Year’s Eve events they hold. They’re quite the sight to behold.

And, the evening begins with something like a song of worship dedicated to the Lord. These sings are popular hymns or mantras . This is where Dr. Chris Oyakhilome makes an entrance to the exit of the old year and likes to encourage the crowd to do what they do best. This is to give the lord a shout and dhout glory hallelujah as they all praise God. Naturally it may take a while for the crowd to take a seat and enjoy it celebration without so much exuberant excitement.

It’s not a New Year’s events without a year in review. So, that is why at this New Year’s event there is a Rhapsody of Realities review. This is quite an amazing phenomenon indeed as they (Rhapsody of Realities) total to over 1 billion in just about one thousand different languages. Anyone who knows their language and anthropology can tell you this number is about 1/6 of the total possible ways communicate on planet Earth. So it’s understandable that this particular gathering of people are little excited about their past 12 months.

But the event holds more than that for the event goers and the topic of the evening shifts toward the impact of Loveword. This is a way of spreading the hope and faith of God through television, video and even the internet. And even though there is a lot of work done over the airwaves and other lines communication, there’s also a lot to be said for what happens on the ground floor. As a natter fact, the Inner City Mission deserves a nod for reaching millions of children throughout the year.

There’s also the Healing School which deserves it’s fair amount of attention for the inspiration it brings to the souls of thousands of attendees. And without a doubt, the International School of Ministry deserves to be praised for the thousands of ministers who are trained through its hallowed halls. And of course, the music is one of the greatest reasons for their gatherings, especially when the melody over-the-air is the Believers Loveworld Incorporation anthem.

Of course, a gathering of people this large deserves a little bit of recognition to those who shine brightest in their own lives throughout the year. That’s why the Future African Leaders Awards (FALA) is the best way to honor young and upcoming outstanding members of the faith community. Naturally, there are big celebrity sightings as well at a New Year’s Event hosted by Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. Martin PK is seen on the stage singing his recent smash gospel single beautiful Jesus. As a matter of fact, it’s a song so big it has a LIMA.

Each and every award show is a real treat and of course the garage loves to serenade the crowd with a performance and song like only they can do. But, the best way to be a pastor is to lead by example of this is exactly what Dr. Chris Oyakhilome does when he remembers to give thanks to the one above. He connects with the spirit and the crown and such a way that a floodgate from above comes through his teachings and praise. To this end of the event, he encourages as many people as possible to join the fold and get a prayer for themselves or love for they love through Kings Chat. He knows that each year is only going to get bigger and better for himself and the rest of his flock.