How to Buy Lingerie for your Girl

Lingerie is one of the most intimate gifts you can get for your lovely girlfriend. When you gift these beauties to your love, it is not just for her it is also meant for you, especially your eyes. Now, the first thing to do before you go lingerie shopping for your girl is to find out her size. So, sneak into her wardrobe when she is busy or extract the information out from her through a casual conversation. Once you have her right size, you can go shopping. It could be quite uncomfortable for you to roam around at the lingerie section of the mall. This is when online shopping at Accha­­­­­ comes to you like a saviour. Here’s our guide to help you pick the right lingerie.

  1. Bra

If you are gifting her bra, figure out if it is an apology present or an “I want to see you in that” present. If you are going for an apology present, then it should cater to her requirement more than yours. T shirt bra is one of the most versatile and staple bra in every girls wardrobe so get her one of these to say “sorry”. You can gift her bra in a basic but beautiful solid colour like black or red or nude. You can also opt for a pretty floral printed bra for a fun and flirty twist. However, if you want to make a sexy “I want to see you in that” gift, then go for a lace or push up bra. A push up bra will really enhance the shape of her already beautiful chest and give those babies a lift. It is a great gift to boost her confidence in her own skin which will turn her into a complete vixen in the bedroom. Whereas, lace is a very feminine and flirty fabric which will give a little peek-a-boo you will crave for later on.

  1. Lingerie Set

A lingerie set is a coordinated set of matching bra and panty. A lingerie set saves you the trouble of hunting for a bra and a matching panty which can be quite a tedious task. It is also wiser in terms of the price you pay as if you but a bra and a panty separately, it will cost you a lot more than the entire set. A lingerie set is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. You can get it in a classic colour like red or go for a more subtle colour like grey and pink. You can also try finding the set in a colour which is your girlfriend’s favourite. Find a style which you think she will be confident in and make sure to compliment her when she dons it for you.

  1. Night wear

If you want your girlfriend to think of you every night before she dozes off, then gift her a comfortable and cute teddy printed nightwear available at However, if you want to gift her something super sexy for a special occasion then you should go for a lacy baby doll night suit which her make her look like a complete sex goddess.