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Why You Should Consider Video Marketing

Video is today one of the top driving forces in the marketing arena. Many businesses, from established brands, SMEs and startups are relying on video marketing to boost their branding efforts and improve their SEO marketing strategies. Although only around 15% of businesses are using videos in their online marketing strategies, videos are resulting in better conversions that other marketing mediums. To gain a competitive edge in the market, businesses need to integrate video into their marketing efforts. Keep these points in mind to help you understand why video marketing is crucial.

Video marketing is great for SEO. Integration of video content in your marketing strategy is a powerful way to increase your overall search result rankings. To maximize the benefits of your video marketing strategy, create customer-focused videos that are short and precise for better viewer retention. With large-scale ranking changes going on, more focus is now on the quality of content delivered, which makes video your best tool to use to push your rankings to the top of search results. Businesses that incorporate video content in their sites are at least 50 times more likely to rank higher on Google.

Video marketing is more than a brand messaging tool. Video is not only good for branding but is also the perfect tool for customer relationship building. From the moment a customer contacts you to promoting your brand, to sales and customer follow-up, videos helps you connect and interact with existing and potential customers in ways that other mediums cannot achieve. Videos can be used to build lasting customer relationships through various efforts like interviews with leaders to encourage brand awareness and customer reviews and testimonials to offer customers better product and service understanding.
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Different platforms can be used for greater market reach. Consumer engagement has seen a major growth pattern over the last few years. Millions of people spend time online watching product and service videos to have a better understanding of brands. Potential multi-platform reach for businesses comes with greater opportunities for customer interaction. Apart for using the proven and successful YouTube platform for video, businesses can also take advantage of more interactive social media platforms like Facebook. With your video content on multiple platforms, your business will benefit from a bigger audience and have a stronger competitive edge over other businesses.
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Videos go viral, and any business with a vision of growth should make use of this. Any business that is serious about video marketing cannot ignore this type of exposure. The ability to target customers and create an emotional response and positive viewpoint of your services or products makes video marketing critical to your business. With shorter and more direct videos, businesses can enjoy higher engagement and conversions, meaning better ROI. Knowing why video marketing is crucial for businesses ensures that your marketing strategy is successful.