Savings worth Singing About

It’s hard to remember what the world was like before Microsoft.  It certainly has made an impact on the small craft business owners who use their Microsoft products to create new things. Who knew you could sell patterns online and make a ton of money when customers download them!. That along with access to a customer base through sites like Etsy and eBay have turned obscure little cottage industries into household names in every corner of the globe.  Woman are contributing to the family budget like never before without ever leaving the house and goods and services they need are available at the click of a mouse through Groupon. A free Xbox One Controller with purchase is one example of the many Groupon coupons you can take advantage of when you shop the Microsoft Store online through Groupon.  They have teamed up to offer some incredible savings on the most popular products Microsoft offers.

With so many convenient ways to save money online, who would want to go back to the old days of coupon clipping!. I was a champion coupon clipper, and now I’ve been converted and sing in the “free shipping with purchase” choir. I could do a solo about the benefits of Groupon. I can’t believe the great deals they offer sometimes.  But you can get Xbox deals, Microsoft Office starting at $6.99 per month and upgrade to Windows 10 for next to nothing.  I’ve wanted the Microsoft Pro 4 for the longest time, so I was glad to see I can apply a money saving Groupon code for $100 off the price.  I’ve got my tax refund earmarked for that deal. Being a busy mom, crafter, and teacher leaves little time for the way I used to shop.  It was such a hassle. I have cut my shopping time down by hours shopping the Groupon site.  So many companies offer free shipping I expect it all the time. I’ve told all my friends about Groupon and you will too when you check out the site and see all it has to offer.

I’m so excited about unboxing my new computer I can’t wait to post my review.  Until then I’m going back to shopping the Microsoft site through Groupon to look for gifts for Easter, and some upcoming weddings. I feel another solo coming on!