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A Guide to ADHD Treatment You and the advisor of your son’s class in school had a chat. The adviser shared with you her observation of your son having a hard time keeping sitting still while the class is going on. Another behaviour that she observed with your son is fidgety behaviour. The adviser then makes a recommendation to you to get a diagnosis of your son for possible ADHD. Upon hearing that word you feel anxious about it because you know that this is a dreaded thing among parents. But while you may feel some anxiety over this you should know that there is treatment for this condition. But first you need to get a proper diagnosis. If you are living in Portland there are experts on ADHD Portland has. Parents in Portland bring their kids there to have them tested for ADHD. Now if it happens that your child was actually found to have ADHD it is not the end of the world. You can easily find medical experts that can help you come up with a treatment plan so that your son can be helped in managing this condition of his. But you also need to educate yourself on what your options are when it comes to treatment of said condition. Only when you are fully informed can you make a good decision regarding your son’s treatment for ADHD. Many children with ADHD are prescribed specific medication. The medications do something to the neurotransmitter in the brain thus making it have the ability to focus. But there may be side effects to the use of these drugs. Examples of side effects would be loss of appetite and sleep problems. If you feel uneasy about the medications you can look into natural treatments for it. One thing they do is to keep an eye on the diet of their children. It is believed that there are some foods or substances in foods that increase hyperactivity in children. There are many who say that giving chocolates to kids is tantamount to making them hyperactive. There are also certain food colorants that induce hyperactivity in children. When it comes to diet another thing that needs to be done is not to give possible food allergens to your child.
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Another natural alternative is to allot regular time of spending outside. There are studies that show that time spent outside allows the child to focus. It is nature that helps this to happen. That’s why you need to have regular time outside with your son.
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Another form of natural treatment is the doing of yoga or tai-chi exercises. This helps to calm down children. You would be surprised to know that there are some yoga or tai-chi classes that are specifically made for children. Another natural treatment that happens to be popular is the behaviour therapy.